3 November 2021

Not only Expo: here the first appointments of Pestmed’s social programme

Pestmed’s calendar of events is enriched with the first appointments scheduled outside the Pest Management […]
8 October 2021

Sanitation bonus: what it is and how to apply for it

Great news for all companies that have incurred expenses to sanitize their workplaces in June, […]
10 May 2021

Pest Control Day: webinar 4 June 2021

4 Giugno 2021
28 May 2020


6 April 2020

11 National Conference on disinfestation, infectants and emergencies – Bologna 20-21 October 2020

New date
Bologna 20-21 October 2020
30 March 2020

A.N.I.D. The document for good hygiene practices against sars-cov-2 was drawn up

Come annunciato a suo tempo, A.N.I.D. ha attivato un team di esperti al fine di […]
26 March 2020

The correct disinfection for public areas

Diffida di A.N.I.D. contro la disinfezione delle aree pubbliche da parte di associazioni di agricoltori. […]
5 March 2020

ANID, ANIP & Confindustria in the covid19 emergency

A.N.I.D. alla conferenza stampa ANIP – Confindustria Servizi su internalizzazione servizi di pulizia e sanificazione […]
14 February 2020

PestMed wins over foreign buyers

Immediate, useful and clear: this is the English version of PESTMED, the section studied and developed to reach and fulfill the needs of the international buyers.
5 December 2019

PESTMED: the Italian reference point

PESTMED represents the Italian reference point for: public and citizen health in civil and industrial […]