PESTMED 17-19 February 2021, BolognaFiera
The top professional event for pest management

This is PESTMED: the unique event exhibition that envelops stakeholders and buyers from Italy and worldwide aiming to establish a strong all Italian link between all buyer Countries in the Mediterranean area.

During the three days of exhibition it will take place a whirlwind of events, workshops, live demonstrations and seminars accomplishing a complete overview of the Pest Management industry
PestMed 17-19 February 2021, Bologna


19 February 2020
11 Conferenza Nazionale sulla Disinfestazione

11th National Conference on disinfestation, infectants and emergencies.

11th National Conference on disinfestation
Crisis, Environment, Calamities, case studies and their management.
Bologna 27-28 Febbraio 2020
14 February 2020

PestMed wins over foreign buyers

Immediate, useful and clear: this is the English version of PESTMED, the section studied and developed to reach and fulfill the needs of the international buyers.
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