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PestMed has a unique know-how in its industry, serving the disinfestation and disinfection industry. To meet Italian and International buyers and suppliers. Thanks to the “Buyers Lounge”, it’s possible to benefit from a B2B Maching service provided by the organizers to meet the exhibitors needs.


PestMed offers several forms of participation to satisfy various needs of exhibitors.


To join Pestmed is needed TO FILL THE APPLICATION FORM
through two different ways:


REGISTRATION FEE mandatory € 200,00

The Registration Fee includes: electrical connection up to 3KW, general daily cleaning, basic insurance, taxes, indicative sign for parking, general fire prevention, data entry in the online alphabetical and product list and in the official event catalogue, a copy of the printed catalogue.

NO additional costs will be requested unless related to extra services explicitly requested by the exhibitor.


within 31/12/2019
o Up to 24 sqm€ 180,00 /sqm
o Up to 48 sqm€ 170,00 /sqm
o Over 48 sqm€ 160,00 /sqm
from 01/01/2020 to 30/04/2020
o Up to 24 sqm€ 200,00 /sqm
o Up to 48 sqm€ 190,00 /sqm
o Over 48 sqm€ 180,00 /sqm
from 01/05/2020 to 31/12/2021
o Up to 24 sqm€ 220,00 /sqm
o Up to 48 sqm€ 215,00 /sqm
o Over 48 sqm€ 205,00 /sqm

FREE SIDES (subject to availability of exhibiting layout)
o 2 FREE SIDES (min. 15 sqm)€ 500,00
o 3 FREE SIDES (min. 24 sqm)€ 800,00
o 4 FREE SIDES (min. 32 sqm)€ 1.200,00

PRE-FURNISHMENT (the amount must be added to the exposition area costs)*

The Pre-furnishment includes perimeter walls, front bar with standard graphics, 1 table, three monocoque chairs, 1 coat rack, 1 basket, electrical system with power strip, lighting system.

o pre-furnishment€ 75,00 sqm

See pre-furnishment stand details
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